20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai mam.... I'm 18weeks pregnant.... I don't feel hungry itself.... I'm taking small quality snacks nearly between each 1.30hrs...is it enough for baby...and due to summer season i would like to have more water only....after having water i wouldn't able to eat much...

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Answer: hello dear , it is OK to take a small amount of food every 1 or 1 n half hours intervel but I will suggest you to eat healthy and in proper quantity so that your baby can get enough nutrition from you. you should eat at least 300 to 500 grams more than you eating before conceiving. As you r eating less amount make sure it contains all the nutrients.
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Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant. I cannot able to drink enough amount of water, i don't feel sense of thirsty and if i drink more than 2 sips of water,i am getting vomiting. Please suggest remedy for it.
Answer: Drinking around 2 ltrs of water in day is compulsory during pregnancy. Try to take single sips multiple times in a day. You can take another fluids like coconut water, milk shake, butter milk, fresh fruit juice and lemon water.
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Question: Hi my baby girl age is 38 days and I am drinking water when I need but my parents says don't drink more water only half letter per day but it's summer i can't manage with out water can I drink water how much quantity is ok to drink i am feeding the baby
Answer: Hello! That is a myth. Ideally you should be drinking plenty of water especially if you are breastfeeding. Hence please continue with having plenty of water. Take care
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Question: Hi ... Currently I'm in last trimester throughout my pregnancy I don't feel hungry ... everyone says that we should eat more but I left eating everything ...even fruits also I'm not taking daily ... 2 times meals small quantity and breakfast I'm having daily ..other than that nothing ...I don't have nausea problem Also ...I don't know why I don't feel hungry all the time, every time I feel my stomach is full... Will it be a problem for baby ? Please advice
Answer: hi, im also facing the same problem.every one suggest to eat more but every time i felt that my tummy is full nd felt it hard too.
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