25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai mam... Doctor said to me water level is very low if it is continue na due date ku munadi baby poranthurum and risk case agirum nu solranga.. but daily i drunk cocount water, how can i improve my water level.. and my baby is continuously kicking its paining.. wat should i do?

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Answer: hi dear! you will have to take l arginine sachets like argiprime and should be taken after consulting with the doctor and also you will have to increase your fluid intake like water or buttermilk or juices. also you will need to have fruits and vegetables like watermelons , tomatoes , broccoli , cauliflower , lettuce ,strawberries. dont worry the fluid will increase dear. take care dear.
Answer: Nothing will happen, drink more fluids, every one hour drink fluids..
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Question: Hi. I'm 34 week pregnant. Doctor said water level is low and in my recent check up water level had come to normal. So can I continue with my daily walking will it affect water level
Answer: No, walking is always good during pregnancy it won't affect Ur water level but don't walk too much bcoz in final trimester as baby weight gets increased we will get much backpain
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Question: My afi level is ,i think its low,os there any risk,to baby,how should i improve
Answer: Hi dear,Drink lots of water regularly. It is one of the easiest ways to increase the amniotic fluid index. If you increase the level of water your body has, the level of amniotic fluids also increases. If you are wondering how to increase amniotic fluid in the 8th month of pregnancy, keeping your body hydrated.Vegetable like cucumber, lettuce, iceberg, spinach, radish, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.Fruits like strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes, cantaloupe, grapefruit.tq
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Question: Hi.. I am 7 months pregnant and my water level is low due to which baby movements are not felt frequently. How can I increase my water level?
Answer: How much is the level? Between 8-18 cm is normal. If it's low, get from your doctor prescribed some l arginine sachets and additionally 2 green coconuts' water and lots and lots of fluid will help you increase the levels. Moreover low fluid doesn't mean less movements would be felt. In my last pregnancy, 26 weeks onwards I had no fluid due to the fact that my waters broke but movements were felt fine. So try to count the movements by lying down after meals. If you feel 10 within an hour everytime when baby's active, then it should be fine
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Question: My amniotic fluid level is 8.my doctor said its low, so she wants to induce labour injection. Wat can i do.
Answer: Go with doctor advice...becoz it will suddenly decrease in 9th month which is not safe...
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