1 months old baby

Question: Hai madam, my baby is 1 month old. Her lips very dark. It's natural or not

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Answer: Hello 🙂 this is normal in newborn....wipe the lips every time you feed your feed and you can also use red cotton cloth or the pink paper(available at jewellery shops) for wiping your baby lips 🙂
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Answer: Don't worry it's quite normal ... After feeding a baby just have one soft cloth and wipe baby's lips regularly ... It will change to normal automatically..
Answer: Ya its normal as my baby is 2 months old and after feeding clean baby lips with some cotton cloth ..slowly darkness will go...its gone for my baby now..
Answer: When u given breast milk, then u will clean the milk her lips with cotton cloth.. The darkness will be change..
Answer: Wipe her lips with handkerchief after every feed
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Question: My 1 month old baby sometimes look fair sometimes very dark. And her boby is also dark
Answer: Hello! Generally,complexion depends on the genes the baby is carrying. Also the skin does get little dark during the initial days of the baby, after 6 months you can see a change in the complexion. Don't worry ,your baby is still too small dear. Take care
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Question: My is 47 days old. Her lips is very dark.birth k time pe itna dark nahi but abhi bauhat dark ho gaya hai
Answer: The colour will change soon when the outer layer peels off. Just keep the lips and surrounding areas clean by wiping off with wet towel after every feed. 
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Question: My baby is one month old and her lips become so black.. Wat to do.. Used to wipe after Every feeding but still it's dark
Answer: Hi dear skin tone and lip color depends on genes also. If anyone in family has dark lips it may be bacause of it your baby is also having so.
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Question: My baby lips color is dark . How to get pink lips naturally? I feed her breastmilk.
Answer: Hi, it can occur after feeding. try wiping the lips witha clean and soft cloth after breastfeeding everytime. the colour should return.if it doesnt then contact a doctor
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