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Question: Hai i am 20 weeks 6 days pregrent, in my scan report i got as "Liquor- sludges seen in aminotic fluid", what does it means

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Question: Hello I am 9 weeks pregnant and in my sonograpfy report one line is written as 'corpus luteum seen in left ovary'. What does it means ?
Answer: Corpus luteum normally occurs in pregnant and non pregnant women.  If pregnancy occurs it will help in implantation and growth of the fertilized egg. In non pregnant it usually decays in 10 days to 2 weeks  after ovulation.
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Question: In my 20 weeks anomaly scan my fetal limbs are unremarkable. What does it means??
Answer: Hi! Of the fetal Limbs are unremarkable your doctor might ask you to take another anomaly scan to understand the reason and also it could be due to baby's position that the Limbs could not be detected .. Hope this helps!
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Question: In report 33 weeks 0 days what does it means???
Answer: Its Your baby Gestational Age according to the scan.
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