37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai good afternoon mam now iam an 37 weeks pregnancy, my 7 month scan report says posterior lowervmargin is approximately 34mm from the intrenal Os and the second one is "single loop of crd structure seen around the fetal neck , next on my 9month scan report says "posterior lower margin is well above the internal Os and the second one is " two loops of card structure seen around the fetal neck ,mam my question what will happen when loop of card around the fetal neck and on delivery these problem will reflect me so give me suggestions to get normal labour pain .thank you

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Answer: Hi! As far as your report is concerned the Placenta is posterior relocated which is fine there is nothing to be worried about but if there r two loops of cord around the fetal neck then it can be a cause of concern and your doctor would ask you to go for a C section most probably because doctors would not take any chance with the baby with single loop they still take a chance but which two or more loops the chances are less for normal delivery.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Three vesseled single loop of cord seen around the fetal neck. This is what my scan report says. What does it mean?
Answer: Hello dear your babies neck is rounded with single loop. There is nothing much to worry it may release by itself. While sleeping dont rotate dear that may be the reason for this, lie on left side ic you want to turn sit and then turn.
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Question: cord structure seen around the neck fetal neck is any pblm. Im 34week pregnant
Answer: No problem dear....by the time of delivery it may be resolved.... otherwise u can go for cesarean section....cord around neck is common in 30% of pregnancy
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Question: My scan report,is one complete loop and one incomplete loop of cord is seen around the neck,,is it any problem?.
Answer: I hope not I have similar case in my first pregnancy but delivered my daughter normally. Sometimes with baby movements cord gets out around the neck.
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