37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai all, i have severe itching in whole body, i consult doctor in today, she gave tab laveta 5 mg(levoceterzine)if any problem to have tablets for my baby

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Answer: Hi I have the same problem , I am 37 weeks as well. My doctor gave me a tablet and told me that it is common in pregnancy and it's safe for baby.
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    SALU S Nair841 days ago

    Which tablet given in ur doctor

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    SALU S Nair837 days ago

    Hi i have severe itching in whole body, my lft result alkakaline phosphate is 292,dr suggest to have tab udiliv 150 bd, is it prob to have this tab for my baby plz reply

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Question: Can I take any tablet for itching bcoz I have severe itching on my whole body.
Answer: Even I also had this problem from my 8 month pregnancy onwards...severe Whole body inching in all time...then I went to hospital & doctor ask me to take LFT test(liver function test) .. I took the test & the report says its normal.. then my gyeno told me" it's is a pregnancy inching. Once the baby comes out it will stop."...so, please take care of your health..take a bath with kasthuri manjal with neem(grind and make a paste)... Wear light weight cotton clothes....take a bath at least twice a day.... Don't get tension, irritating...sleep well.... This all my experience...after my baby born within 1 day my itching will stopped....
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Question: I have itching in my whole body specially at night there is any problem?
Answer: Hi dear, Itchiness could be due to dryness.avoid taking too hot showers for long time.drink plenty of water and also moisturize your body with lotion.donot use too hot water to take bath as it dries up your natural moisture of skin .use mild soap.you can also use besan flour with milk cream while taking bath.severe itchiness could also be something serious like liver malfunction,called Cholestasis.do check with doctor if it gets severe.Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: I have completed 32 weeks of my pregnancy. I have severe itching in my whole body . Doctor say your lft is so high that's why u have severe itching. Due to itching is there any problems to my child?
Answer: Hi No.problem ok no need to worry .Here are the some home remedies which relieves from itching..Take the lemon juice and dilute it with water.Take the cotton swab and dip it in the solution.Apply the swab on the area that is itching,Take some gram flour in a bowl, add water to it, and mix it properly to form a nice paste.apply this paste at the affected area.Make sure your skin is clean and dry.Take a few drops of the cocunt oil and apply it on the affected area. Apply apple cider venigar at affected area it will relive from itching
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