16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai...Iam getting left eye pain and head ache every nowadays evenings...I was not having such problems previously...what might be the reason for this

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Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy it is common for some a woman to get a vision problems but if it is a pain including headache then it is due to the headache only I would suggest you to not have any over the counter medicine but talk to your doctor if the headache is unbearable otherwise you can start inhaling steam it helps in headache also having fresh fruit juices more of water taking rest Elite head massage can help you to get rid of the problem. Hope this helps ..
Answer: Hello... Dear head ache is normaland eye pain may occud due to pressure given in that area,can follow these remedies it might helpful for you.. Have a nutritious diet Drink 2-3 litre of water daily Have good sleep Don't get stressed, be relaxed Practice pranayama If symptom continues please consult doctor
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Question: I'm getting severe itchiness in my vagina nowadays. What might be the reason for it?
Answer: Hi itching in vaginal area indicates infection of that part. So u need to consult doctor for getting medication as well u need to take certain care at home. Like keep that area clean and dry. Do wash and clean it with tissue after washroom visit. Make sure to use cotton lingerie and do change if u needed. Use mild smell free soap for cleaning that area. Fro reducing the itching u can apply baking soda and water paste and let it be dere for 15 mins. And then wash it. Keep that are moisturise. U can apply calamine cream or aloe vera gel to keep it cool and calm. Also do have probiotic items in ur diet like yoghurt. Drink lots of water .atleast 10 to 12 glasses of water is strongly recommended specially during pregnancy.
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Question: Iam 7 weeks pregnant iam having stomach pain what might be the reason? Its paining here and there not in an certain plain. It is paining when I walks. What might be the reason. What to do
Answer: Hi.. If you are experiencing pain in the first trimester, or early  in the second, don't blame your baby just yet. A cramping sensation in the early weeks of pregnancy may be due to your expanding uterus. Watch for signs  of vaginal bleeding if you are feeling cramp-like pains. In that case, u should consult ur doctor.
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Question: Im having regular head ache,what could be the reason for this??
Answer: High stress is one of the reason in pregnancy of headache since you are 34 week pregnant, thene you might be in stress about delivery or your babies growth or anything so it can be a reason
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