13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hai... I m 3 months pregnant.... Can I have wallnets daily..? How much to take daily... Plz tell me

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Answer: Hello dear,well its not good to take walnuts in the first trimester of pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage..u can take 1,2 walnuts after completing ur second trimester.Walnuts are the good source of omega3 which will helpful for the development of baby brain but kept in mind not more than 2 in a day..
Answer: Hii dear you can take walnut daily mostly in evening amount can be 3 to 4 whole walnut
Answer: Hoo wallnuts are good. U can take that u r wish
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Answer: Don't take tablet from your own.first consult to doctor.
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Question: Can I take pickles on daily basis..... I m diabetic 3 months pregnant
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Question: How much walnut Can I take daily
Answer: Only 1. Take 7-8 almonds 1 walnut 8-10 raisins Soak all these well and eat them in early morning
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