6 months old baby

Question: Hai I have 6 months old baby,before I was fair after my c section I was became dark,its almost 6 months after surgery but still am black,to remove this black mask what I have to do ,any tips and suggestions

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Answer: It's hPpenes some time due to hormonal changes although get back to normal tone after delivery.. but your case is bit different... Take fairness facial every month and apply honey with lemon on face it could help. Take care
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Question: Hello....I have c section before two months. Still i look lik 9 month pregnant.How to reduce tummy after delivery?
Answer: Hello.. Dear weight gain is normal in pregnancy, give your body some time to get back into shape, follow these steps, it will helpful in reducing tummy... Exclusive breastfeeding till six months Include more veggies and fruits in your diet, avoid oil, fried foods Go for healthy snack option like dry fruits, makhana.. Start wearing tummy belt Drink 2 to 3 litre water daily Start exercising but after six months, slowly start with walking then go for mild exercise, yoga will help a lot
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Question: I still have blood pressure problem after c section . Its already 3 months.
Answer: Post pregnancy and during pregnancy lot of hormonal and physical changes going on in your body which can cause the same symptoms appear post pregnancy like blood pressure or other hormone symptoms so don't worry just stay relaxed try not to take any kind of stress because it is the main reason for blood pressure stay relaxed a hydrated lower your salt intake that will help you control your blood pressure
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Question: Is it safe to drive two wheeler after c section my surgery was on sept 6 ?
Answer: Hi,you should not rude a two wheeler immedidiately bafter csec You should wait at least till 2 months . As stiches need at least 6 weeks to heal completely.
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