Few days old baby

Question: Had premature delivery when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Please through light on this and help to understand dos and don'ts at this time.

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Question: How to reduce fat after c serition delivery ? My baby is 4 days old. What are the dos and don'ts during this time?
Answer: Hi dear first of all congratulations for the baby and the for now there are no do's and don'ts because around this time you need to take care of yourself take rest sleep more and take care of the baby focus on the baby's health and breastfeeding so for now there is nothing you need to do and since you have had a C section delivery it is minimum 6 months till which you are not allowed to do any kind of exercise however if you want you can take care of your diet you can exclude all sugary items you can exclude oily fried junk food and food from restaurant you will see a difference and after couple of months you can start working slowly for 10 minutes daily basis .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello I'm 5 week pregnant tested through pregnancy kit one line is dark and another is light couldn't understand last time had same issue and face misscarage on 6th week please help
Answer: Hi, dear a faint line means that you are pregnant but it is quite early in pregnancy that is why the kit didn't show accurate result. I can understand your curiosity but stay positive and get a lab urine or blood test for accurate result..
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Question: I'm 6 weeks pregnant... what are the dos and don'ts for this lunar eclipse on Jan 30
Answer: Dear I will tell you what my mother has told me. In case you believe. She asked me to take a wooden stick of my height and keep it upright anywhere so that nobody touches it the whole day. The logic behind it is that for the whole day of this eclipse we should not do anything, should not eat, should not work etc. So this stick we r keeping will follow this and will protect us from any ill effects of not following it. After the eclipse time is over we must take bath and put tulsi patta to every dish that you are going to eat. Between the actual eclipse time don't eat anything, chant gayatri mantra for sometime and stay calm. Don't use knife or scissors or any such thing during that period... The actual time must not be more than n hour. I will post the actual timing soon....
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