11 months old baby

Question: Had c section getting severe neck pain almost 11 months completed

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Answer: Hello dear Neck pain is common after delivery when u become new mom and Ur whole Night sleep is totally deprived. So, posture pattern causes neck stiffness and thus pain in ur neck. How to avoid neck pain: 1. Pay attention to ur posture 2. Drink more water
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    Kalpana B607 days ago

    Thanks it will go or not iam working women iam unable to do system work whole day severe neck pain

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Question: after c section , severe pain under neck of wife what should be the remedies ?
Answer: Try these • Massage therapy will help in relieving the pain • Maintaining right body posture at the time of standing, sitting, feeding, lying down is important • Hot water treatment can also be tried • Exercises specific to back, neck & shoulder should be done daily • Make use of comfortable footwear • Take proper rest & sleep
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Question: My stitches are paining a lot. Is it normal to have pain. After c section. It almost two months completed.
Answer: Hi dear... If your affer 2 month also your stitches are paining alot you should consult to your gyne.
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Question: Mam i have severe pain in my knees. I had c section delivery 5 months ago
Answer: Please go and consult your doctor immediately. You must be having urine infection. Generally joint pain come after c section in case of urine infection so please get it tested
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