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Question: Good morning doc.. I went for anamoly scan at 19w 4d acc to lmp and GA(AUA) 20w 4d. Fetal HR is 145bpm and weight is 380gm+/-55g.. Is this normal? My doc says baby's weight is very low so i am really worried BPD 4.86cm 20w 5d HC 17.7cm 20w 1d AC 15.5cm 20w 5d FL 3.5cm 21w 1 d Also the placenta is posterior with lower margin about 1.8cm from internal os with central cord insertion,grade1 maturity and cervical length measures 4.6 cm.. Is this normal too as i need to travel by train.. An overnight journey.. Can i?

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Answer: hi dear! you will need to take proteins dear. as this shows that the ac is also low and it is corresponding to 15 weeks which is low and if there is 1 week ahead or behind then there is nor problem dear. u can try mamma's best with vanilla or chocolate flavour, have threptin biscuits two in the morning and two in the evening..if you eat eggs then start eating egg white everyday ..u can also add soya and paneer in the list as they are good sources of proteins...also you can take L-arginine sachet once a day like argiprime. after consulting with your doctor dear. take care
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    Thank you

Answer: and its better if you dont travel dear unless its very important.
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Question: Anamoly scan done at 19 weeks 4 days acc to lmp.. Heart rate 145b bpm baby's weight is 380gm+/-55g.. Is it normal?Placenta posterior with lower margin about 1.8 cm from the internal os with central cord insertion grade - 1 maturity, cervical length 4.6cm.. Is everything normal??
Answer: Yes...its normal...totally fine..
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