30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good morning Doctor, I had test for red cells antibodies, the report showing as final results as antibodies are positive.. Now my gynac has told for Antibody inditification & Antibody titier test.. What it is and what medication or treatment will be there after the results of this test.. I m really worried..

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Question: Hi Mam good afternoon I want to know whether iGg antibodies will effect my pregnancy as I had two blighted ovams in a row Mam I am very much scared as loss 2 pregnancy what shall I do for a healthy pregnancy? These are as per my report -- Rubellavirus IGg antibody -3.05 Cytomegalovirus IGg antibody - 2.55 Herpes Simplex virus 1 IGg - 2.77 And rest IGm is negative
Answer: Hi dear! So as long as igm is negative you dont have to worry dear as igg will come positive and igg is indicative of any past infection and if you have vaccinated before also igm if gets positive means that the you are having the infection. So in your case it's negative so you don't have to worry. There is no specific cause for blighted ovum to occur. So you will just have to keep on trying and wait for the results dear. Take care
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Question: Good morning mam, doctor has told blood test for red cells antibodies what is purpose of this test and also given RHOCLONE 300 MCG injection.. Baby position at 28 weeks left head at fundus, is this position normal..
Answer: hi dear! so this test is done to see if you have developed any antibodies against the rbc. also are you rh negative as the injection given to you is given when the mother is rh negative and the baby is rh positive dear. if this is your second pregnancy then your baby might have problem dear. so this injection will stop you from making antibodies again the rh positive blood . take care dear.
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Question: Plzz tell what is the correct time for sonography...i just had urine test nd its showing positive results
Answer: Congratulations dear. After the positive urine test you need to get your beta hcg test done to see the grwoth of the pregnancy. Your first prenatal scan should be done after 7 weeks and in my personal opinion you should go for it after 8th week as that would give a clear view of the baby's growth and fetal heartbeat. Hope it helps.
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