25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Good evening mam my legs are getting swelling day by day more mam.I am 23 weeks pregnant.pls give tips

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Answer: Have barley rice water....don't sit for long time...walk frequently for 5 mins once..... massage your legs with oil.....walk ur legs with hot water....drink more water...go for urine frequently
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Question: My legs are swelling. Any tips?
Answer: Hello! It is normal in pregnancy due to the excess fluid in the body. You can reduce swelling during pregnancy by lying on your side to relieve the increased pressure on your veins. Here are some other tips to reduce swelling: Put your feet up whenever possible. At work, keep a stool or pile of books under your desk. Don't cross your legs or ankles while sitting. Stretch your legs frequently while sitting: Stretch out your leg, heel first, and gently flex your foot to stretch your calf muscles. Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes. Take regular breaks from sitting or standing. Frequent short walks will keep your blood from pooling in your lower extremities. Wear comfortable shoes that stretch to accommodate swelling in your feet. Don't wear socks or stockings that have tight bands around the ankles or calves. Wear waist-high maternity support stockings. Put them on before you get out of bed in the morning so blood doesn't have a chance to pool around your ankles. Drink plenty of water. Surprisingly, this helps your body retain less fluid. Try to have about 10 8-ounce cups of water or other hydrating beverages each day. (You can tell you're getting enough if your urine looks pale yellow or clear.) Exercise regularly. Activities like walking, swimming, or riding an exercise bike are good options. Or try a water aerobics class – being immersed in water may reduce swelling temporarily, particularly if you're in the water up to your shoulders. Eat a healthy diet and limit junk food.
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Question: U am 23 weeks pregnant and my legs are swelling little why
Answer: Hello, Dear swelling (or what doctors refer to as edema) happens when your body retains fluid in the lower legs, ankles and feet. It most often occurs on both sides of the body, and it’s not an emergency situation. So don't worry. You can make small changes to your everyday life to help reduce swelling: Take a short walk every hour. Drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Drinking less actually promotes swelling. Limit your salt intake. Avoid standing or sitting for long time. Raise your legs while sitting with the help of pillow or cushion
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Question: Hi I'm 23 weeks pregnant , I have swelling in legs Pls give me some tips
Answer: Hi Dont sit for long hours... Immobile legs for long hours can cause swelling... Have barley water... It reduces swelling immediately.
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