1 months old baby

Question: Good evening, i had delivery via C section. After delivery i had bleeding up to 22 days and then stopped. Now after 26 days bleeding gas been started again.bleeding is not so heavy but it is. Is it cause of worry?

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Question: After 1 month of my delivery by c-section i started heavy bleeding .Is it normal?
Answer: Hi! it is very normal for some people to get periods just after a month in fact I have delivered my baby in 2016 April and I started bleeding from me and since that time I have never skipped it and yes the first month the bleeding was heavy for 2 days so you can wait for 2 more days to see if it is getting stabilized and if it is not then you can can't contact your doctor .. Hope this helps!
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Question: After c section my bleeding n all stopped at 57th day from delivery n after two days again my periods started and it is heavy flow
Answer: Hi,Dear periods can be regular after delivery so just wait for few more days sometime new mums don't get their period for at least one year , and sometime they get their period just after one month , so its quite common experience is different for every mom. so you will have to wait and observe.Usally the first period will be heavy.take care
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Question: I had c section on 2nd november,my bleeding stopped after 15 days of operation ,now again it is started today..is it normal in c section?
Answer: For a breastfeeding mother, the periods will be irregular.
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