36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ghee in diabatic 9 month of pregnancy..is it good?

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Answer: hi dear , as you are suffering from gestational diabetes your diet should reach in high protein and healthy fats but less carbohydrates. Ghee and butter both considered as good source of fat during pregnancy. Ghee also helps to protect the heart but should take in right amount . so yes of course you can consume ghee.
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Question: What is the use of ghee and dates while eating in the 9 th month of pregnancy.
Answer: Hello! Though there are no medical evidence ,but ghee with warm milk and dates are suppose to ease labor . You can take milk with ghee from 8th month .and it is absolutely safe . Hope this information was helpful . Take care
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Question: What is the use of ghee during 9 month of pregnancy does it help for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear it is not medically proven but old age people do says that it will.helps I'm inducing labour pai.. u can have it in moderate qty as having Moderate qty will not harm u much but make sure u r not having any digestion issue.
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Question: Is it good Ghee for diabetic pregnancy??
Answer: ghee is known to increase fasting blood sugar levels. so avoid it if you can. it's a old wives tale is that consumption of ghee leads to normal delivery but it's not like that
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