8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Gestational sac is seen, yolk sac is not seen, fetal pole is not seen, cardiac activity is absent, decidual reaction is poor, corpus luteum is absent....as I mentioned 7week 3days pregnant GS is 11mm..... Is my pregnancy normal or not??

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Answer: Don't worry it's normal no need to worry sometimes petal pole is not seen u can scan after 9 r 10 weeks
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    Jacqueline Salve845 days ago

    Thanks mam

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Question: Yolk sac is seen... no fetal pole is seen. No cardiac activity appreciated. Lmp is 9 dec , please suggest.
Answer: Hello dear. You may have to wait for another 2 weeks and repeat the test to see if the heartbeat arrives. It is good that yolk sac is seen rehich means pregnancy is growing well. Please do not be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: I'm 5 weeks 2 days pregnant feral pole with Cardiac activity & yolk sac seen but in report not mentioned heart rates only sac measures mentioned it means what??
Answer: Hi dear, if everything is seen then that is good sign of healthy pregnancy. If heartbeat is not written then you can ask in your next doctor visit. Its nothing serious . It must be get missed, so you can ask it..
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Question: Gestational sac present Fetal pole present Left and right ovary normal Yolk sac present Fetal activity absent Cardiac activity absent CRL 4.4 mm It's 6 weeks report Heartbeat is absent Should I wait or go for missed abortion?
Answer: You should wait to get a repeat scan done after about 2 more weeks around 8 weks of gestation.Sometimes due to it being too early or late fertilization cardiac activity may not be noted. Please consult your doctor.
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