6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Generally baby will be surrounded by amniotic fluid how it doesn't sting in to baby eyes mouth and ear?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear do not worry, this is a beautiful thing created by God.. Amniotic fluid protects and nourishes the baby in the womb. While a baby is in the womb, it is situated within the amniotic sac a bag formed of two membranes, the amnion, and the chorion. The fetus grows and develops inside this sac, surrounded by amniotic fluid.. Therefore, baby is protected in the sac and the fluid is not running all over the baby..
Answer: Hi dear Of course the amniotic fluid enters the nose and all the other orifices of the baby's body. It is supposed to. It is only after the baby is born that the nose ears and lung start to dry out. In the womb the baby drinks the amniotic fluid and also passes urine into it. Only after birth pediaterician sucks fluids from nose and mouth of baby and cleans...
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Question: How amniotic fluid will be leaked??
Answer: Hello dear. If you experience a gush or continuous trickle of watery and clear or light yellow fluid during pregnancy, it may be either urine or amniotic fluid.After 36 weeks of pregnancy, your fluidlevels start to decrease as your body prepares for your baby's delivery. It's possible that the fluid may start toleak at some point. If too much fluidstarts to leak out, this is known as oligohydramnios. The fluid can also gush out due to the rupturing of theamniotic sac. Hope it helps.
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Question: Why doesn't the amniotic fluid sting your babies eyes? And why doesn't the blood rush to their heads
Answer: Hi dear first of all I would like to congratulate you for your pregnancy and the secondly I would request you to please rephrase your question and help us understand so that we can help you with a proper answer.. Thank you"
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Question: Hi, Doctor said salt in amniotic fluid is high(16 cm). It should be 12 cm. Is it any pbm? How to decrease salt. Will it affect baby?
Answer: Nothing to worry much try to have a low intake of salt in ur regular food that will help u maintain it normal. Keep an eye on it so that it won't lead to high BP
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