16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Gas problems during pregnancy remedies

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Answer: Hi dear The best solution for gas is ajwain and black salt with warm water. take any of these boiled in water regularly like ginger fennel , and cumin. Hope that helps.
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Question: Blood circulation problems during pregnancy . Any remedies?
Answer: Hi dear, If you could explain your problem further I would be able to answer better.yourvquery is very generic.so I would answer in general. during the pregnancy period, your entire vascular system gets ready to pump oxygen and blood to both you and the growing baby. Your body creates 50 percent more blood and your heart works 30 percent harder. At the same time, new chemicals and hormones begin to circulate in the blood. And the bigger the baby gets, the more it pushes against the blood vessels that serve the legs and back. Due to which you could have varicose veins,blood clots, etc.if you have any suggestions issues it's better to check with doctor before flying.
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Question: Remedies for gas and heartburn during pregnancy?
Answer: One glass of cold milk prevents hearburn , you can eat one cup of ice cream if you don't have cold and caugh, simply drink butter milk several time. After meal eat almonds dead. Avoid eat spicy oily gassy food dear. Drink lots of water dear, have regular exercises walk and yoga which keeps you active and healthy and good for digestion dear, sleep 8 hours of sleep, eat banana and apple cider dear, chew 3 to 4 tulasi leaf prevents acidity dear eatvsmal piece of jagary after meal, drink mint water dear. Boil few mint leaf and drink water prevents heartburn drink coconut water, jeera and sounf water also good, eat dry Amla dear, drink ajwain water, Papaya also good dear. Lemon juice is best for heartburn problems.common reason for gastric is because of physical and harmonal changes in your body. This is not a serious problem dear. This Gass problem cause constipation dear. Drink plenty of water dear, keep regular exercise yoga and walk which is very good for bloating and constipations issue, eat healthy good avoid eating gassy spicy and oily food, consume lots of fiber rich food, eat smaller meals often dear. .avoid stress take plenty of rest and have good sleep, wear a comfortable clothes, drink feenugreek seads water good for bloating problem, jeera and fennel seeds water also helps in reducing gastric problem
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Question: Home remedies for gas trouble during pregnancy
Answer: Walking is the best remedy. After having your meal you should walk for 5 to 10min. It will help you to digest your meal safely
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