27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From yesterday, iam experiencing a discharge of water almost a spoon in quantity, twice or thrice a day. Is it normal in the 27th week??

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Answer: Hi dear...it is normal to have discharge in pregnancy and there is nothing to worry..The discharge is non-smelly in normal conditions. However, if you experience foul smell, bloody or greenish discharge, or itching or a burning sensation, you should immediately consult your doctor, as it could be related to infection. Take care
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Question: Passing motion twice or thrice a day is normal ? N y is it happening .
Answer: Hi.. passing motion twice or Thrice a day during the third trimester is actually very common ... the weight of the uterus will be pushing the anal region until you might get the urge to poop whenever your little full .. also pooping frequency increases in the third trimester showing that your body is preparing for the delivery ... I'm freaking motion may also be due to a stomach infection so it is better to consult your doctor to know whether you have got an infection like that or it is a normal.. your body is getting ready for the delivery ... it may be due to this also
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Question: Water is leaking thrice a day today... Is it normal
Answer: Check the discharge colour amniotic fluid will be like white to pale yellow in colour, if so it means your labour is near to you, visit your gynaecologist as soon as possible
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Question: hello mommies, my baby does motion twice thrice a day but in a very Little quantity. so is it normal?
Answer: Hello! Yes, it is normal. The reason is that the stool is not getting clear. Just keep a eye if your baby is having constipation problem or not... Take care
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