8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From which week , baby inside can hear you and understands your talk and ideal time you should start Garbh Sanskar ?

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Answer: Hello! From 18 weeks babies start hearing to sound. Hence Garbha sanaskar started from the 24th weeks is ideal. Take care
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Question: should we talk to the baby loudly or if we talk in our mind also can the baby hear?
Answer: In mind your voice can't be heard. So talk with voice not necessarily loudly..
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Question: From which month a baby can fully hear and see??
Answer: Hello dear. Babies can see by the end of the first month, a baby can make eye contact and focus on objects about 12 inches away. By the time a baby is 3 to 4 months old, baby can distinguish between colors and focus on smaller objects. Newborn babies can hear fairly well, but not perfectly. The middle ear of a newborn is full of fluid and this impairs hearing to a small extent, new born babies respond best to high-pitched, exaggerated sounds and voices. It may take up to six months before baby can fully hear and understand a range of sounds. Take care.
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Question: From which month onwards baby able to hear more mothers talk..
Answer: Hi! After 16 weeks of conception baby begins to hear, and or maximum by 18 weeks they start hearing but like waves the sound create waves in the stomach.. Hope this helps!
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