22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: From which week Doctor can tell about feutus Lips......i did my anamoly scan at 18 weeks that time upper lip was normal...Does that mean my baby lip is normal...because i dont want my baby to have clept lip....plzz reply anyone

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Answer: Hi Dont get tensed.u have done with ur anomaly right.anomaly scan will give you all the details of external and internal organs of ur baby.if there is something wrong,it might have been diagnosed in anomaly scan.all is well.be cool.enjoy ur baby kicks.keep smiling
Answer: If anomaly scan was normal than u need not to worry..everything will be normal inshaAllah...plz be positive..anomaly scan is done to find out abnormalities in baby..so u need not to worry
Answer: anomaly scan should give u a clear idea of body parts of the baby. if everything is normal in nt scan then baby is normal
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Question: Pls anyone can tell me efw1 xx means what? I see it in my anamoly scan ,that does mean it can be baby girl?pls give me answer..
Answer: Never in your any scan report doctor will mention the gender of the fetus...mentioning the gender is strictly against the law...
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant. My doctor suggested me anamoly scan at 26th week. Is that correct time to take anamoly scan? I mean correct week
Answer: No dear, it is done between 18-20 weeks of pregnancy to make sure your baby's internal organs are growing well, to check fetal movements, and to check the level of amniotic fluid, checking cervix and certain abnormalities. It's one of the most important scan, you must done it. Hope it helped Take care urself..
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Question: I had my anamoly scan today.. Placenta is mentioned anterior.. What does that mean?
Answer: Hi dear when your Placenta attaches to the front wall of uterus which is towards your tummy is called anterior placenta. It is the most common and natural for vaginal birth.
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Question: What purpose tiffa scan ....at which time period have to take.....my dr didn't tell anything about this....what it mean...can anyone tell
Answer: Dear tiffa scan is usually performed between 18-23 weeks of pregnancy and ultrasound is the done to detect congenital abnormalities in growing baby . It involves a detailed scanning and examination of the fetus for any abnormalities. If your doctor didnt prescribe this scan then you can ask about it and also maybe this week your doctor will prescribe you this..
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