6 months old baby

Question: From which month i can give my baby to drink water

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Answer: Hi dear ager 6 months of age u can give water to ur baby in-between meal times .Don't pressurise ur baby to have water as still baby is having enough milk to get a sufficient req. Liquid.
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Question: From which month we can give gripe water to baby?
Answer: Hi. As our baby is born its obvious to get excited about the things to use, we do it for babies betterment but we need to wait for right time to feed our baby with these things. liquids like bonnison, gripe water, janam ghuti are helpfull in digestion but since your baby is breastfed your baby dont need digestives now. Let your babies body adapt to normal circumstances ,if baby has problem with digestion you can give it but dont make it a habbit. All the best dear.
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Question: My baby is one month old from which month i can give water to drink
Answer: As per doctor and health expert you should give water only after 6 month. Before that baby should be on breastfeed. If you are on breats feeding please do not give anything else to your baby before 6months. As our milk already have 80% water. Breastmulk keeps baby stronger nad healthy.
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Question: From which month i can give water to my baby?
Answer: U have to start water from 6 months until that mother milk is enough for baby
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