5 months old baby

Question: From which month a baby can sleep whole night without milk?

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Answer: Hi Not all babies are used to it.some babies do latch for a while in the night.if you start weaning the frequency of getting up at night will reduce for sure.as it is summer,babies will get dehydrated easily.its best to latch the baby at night coz they cant wakeup to have water at 6 months of age
Answer: When baby stop breastfeeding he would sleep whole night
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Question: How many hours can a toddler sleep without milk at night,??mine keeps sucking her thumb the whole night n doesnt cry for milk due to that habit
Answer: Dear sucking thumb is not a good habit at all. You can use femite which is an effective way of stopping ur baby to suck thumb. It is ayurvedic so no side effects. At 18 month after every 4 hours baby should take the feed. Hope it helps.
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Question: How to make 2yr baby sleep whole night without brestfeed
Answer: Give baby good dinner and warm milk before sleeping. Give baby bath with warm water before sleep,massage with baby cream and put on some comfortable clothing. Later you can put baby in cradle and dim the lights, play soft music. Thus helps baby to sleep. Slowly timings get set. This also help baby to sleep without disturbance. PleaseTgo through Healofy home page for tips, diet and many more they help us a lot. ake care
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Question: My child sleep whole night without feeding.. Is it OK
Answer: Hello, Some babies do sleep more without feed . But it's important to wake up baby for feed after 3-4 hours..
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Question: My baby is 1 month old she doesn't sleep a whole night what can I do??
Answer: This happened same with us , give a body massage before sleep with warm coconut oil. And feed your baby properly.
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