5 months old baby

Question: From which month a baby can sleep whole night without milk?

2 Answers
Answer: Hi Not all babies are used to it.some babies do latch for a while in the night.if you start weaning the frequency of getting up at night will reduce for sure.as it is summer,babies will get dehydrated easily.its best to latch the baby at night coz they cant wakeup to have water at 6 months of age
Answer: When baby stop breastfeeding he would sleep whole night
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Question: From which month can we give cows milk or buffalo milk to a baby?
Answer: Hi dear.. cow and buffalo milk can be given to your baby only after your baby completes 1 year of age dear...... until then you can give breast milk and formula milk to your baby dear...
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Question: From which month baby can take milk from both breast at a time?
Answer: From 3 rd month baby will get a proper feed. Do feed ur baby for 15 mins From eachsides. If baby don't take.aftwr taking from one side. Then u can offer different breast in every session
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Question: Hi...iam starting cows milk to my baby ..how tokeep milk without breaking down the whole night.
Answer: Don't keep lid on it .and if you are adding sugar the will break when you are feeding thenonly add sugar
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