5 months old baby

Question: From when should we feed semi solid to uor baby

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Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to start solids only after 6 months. Till then Breastmillk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
Answer: Start fluids first if ur baby fine start semi solids after 6 month
Answer: You can start after 6 months
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Question: From when to start semi solid food
Answer: Firstly as your baby completes 6 months start with liquid food like rice water veg soup plain dal water etc if baby digest all liquid food den introduce semi solid food.
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Question: From when we should start solid food to baby????
Answer: Semi solid foods can be introduced by 6 months Solid foods can be introduced by 8 months Cow's milk by 12 months
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Question: Can i start semi solid food to my baby .. wht should I feed first to baby ?
Answer: Mothers are usually recommended to exclusively breastfeed for their baby’s first six months.  After six months, breastmilk alone doesn't provide your baby with enough nutrients, particularly iron, so you will need to gradually introduce other foods.  Waiting until six months to introduce your baby to solid food protects her health. It reduces the chance that she will develop allergies or pick up an infection from food. 
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Question: Best way to feed semi solid foods to baby
Answer: Hi dear, I am providing you the diet chart which i followed for my baby. It helped baby to be healthy as well. Monday Breast milk/formula milk Apple puree Nap time Vegetable soup Breast milk/formula milk Rice porridge Breast milk/formula milk before nap time Tuesday Carrot puree Any fruit puree cereal gruel Wednesday Rice porridge Sweet potato puree fruit puree Thursday Ragi porridge Mashed banana stewed apple Friday Stewed apple with cinnamon dal water suji kheer
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