3 months old baby

Question: From wch month onwards we can use baby wraps or baby carriers

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Answer: Hello! You can use baby wraps or carries from the first month it self. It is the best way to carry the baby. Go for the ergonomic baby carries. An ergonomic baby carrier should distribute the child's weight evenly and comfortably for the wearer while giving good support to the child. ... On the other hand, an ergonomic baby carrier allows you to carry for longer sessions and well into the toddler years.. Hope this helps. Take care
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Question: From wch month we can start walking
Answer: Hello! You can start walking form the beginning itself. There is no restrictions to walk unless you have a complication. Take care
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Question: On Wch week or Wch month onwards we can findeout baby moments?
Answer: Hi! If you are a first time Mom you will need some time to understand the movements, around 19-25 weeks you will be able to feel the movements. The baby keeps moving in the sac but in initial days its too tiny that we dont understand it but later when the baby starts growing then the movements become sharper and prominent first few movements are misunderstood as gas its so quick but with time it improves. Good luck!
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Question: Hai moms from which month baby carriers can be used?
Answer: Hello You can start using a baby carrier from day one. Most are meant to hold babies when they're a newborn up to 2-3 years old. Babies who are younger than 4-6 months should only be carried in the inward facing position in your carrier with proper head, neck, hip and bottom support...
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