3 months old baby

Question: From two days my baby is not sleeping from morning to night after 11to 3 o clock he vl sleep and again he vl not sleep he is three month old baby .but he is not crying any problem suggest me what to do for good sleep

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Answer: Do a nice massage... And make him bath wit warm water...
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Question: My baby is not sleeping from yesterday afternoon to today morning 5 o clock.. she is only crying and crying..is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear. It is not normal and baby coupd be suffering from colic pain or gas and constipation. Try giving gripe water. If the baby is taking feed normally with any issue of gas or constipation pain then it is normal for breastfeed babies to poop less often. My daughter also pooped every 3 to 4 days. However if baby is experiencing any kind of pain then it is a concern. Try these steps to prevent and ease the pain of constipation. Burp Often. Burping helps relieve gas by allowing air to escape from the body, keeping it from building up,Keeping Baby Upright while breastfeeding, Pump Baby's Legs, Draw a Warm Bath, Try a Baby Massage, Track ur Diet and also Check feeding position. "When you're nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby's head higher than her stomach. Hope this helps.
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Question: Am not getting sleep during the night. Daily i get sleep after 2'O clock in night. Iam not sleeping in day time. Please answer me
Answer: Hi,this happens due to the hirmnay changes in the body,as I had gone through same situation I can better understand your situation.uou try these ,it should help you get a sound sleep. Avoid screen time at least from an hour before the sleep time. Take a warm water shower before bed time as this will soothen the nerves and will calm them which should help to give you a sound sleep. You should have a glass of warm milk.read some books or listen to some meditational music which will calm your nerves and will help you to get a sound sleep.yoh can also try soaking your legs in warm water as this will help to soothen your necessary and get good relaxation and will help to put you to sleep or try taking a good feet massage from your partner.
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Question: Hi... my baby is 4 month ..he plays in night and slps by mrng 3 or 4... after 3 o clock he s having after tht only by 8 o clock he again having.... what to do ?
Answer: Hello mam, Baby sleeping cycles are shorter than adults to establish sleeping pattern follow some rules like give ur baby a chance to nap frequently, teach ur baby the difference between day and night by doing light on and off. As a mother understand the signs that ur baby is tired. Make a bedtime routine for ur baby like getting ur baby change for bed and singing lullaby and giving him a goodnight kiss.
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