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Question: For what does evening primrose rosime capsules be given. My LMP was 12 period till now. Brown spotting has occurred on alternate days. No periods.also dr has prescribed mendate 25 Pregnancy test negative. Y my period is late. Is there any chance of getting pregnant

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Question: Hello, my last period date is 16 jan, but my home test is negative. Its 20 days late. We are planning for baby. My intercourse date is 25 jan. But y its negative? Do i need to do blood test??
Answer: Hi dear if you're last one period was on 16th of January and after that you have not had any periods in the month of February for still now in March and your pregnancy test is negative then I think you should consult your gynecologist as soon as you can because you are 20 days late in your periods but your test result is negative so it will be better to go for a checkup because a lot of hormonal imbalance can be the cause of this kind of delay so please talk to your doctor . Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i get light brown spotting after 14days of missed period. Earlier all test were negative,a week ago Its not a period till now jus light brown spotting. I guess getting light brown spots after 14days of missed period is very late. Please suggest
Answer: hi dear! so yes 14days after period is very late . you might need a sonography of pelvis dear to see if everything is going good inside dear. also you might have to visit your doctor as its not bleeding and your tests are negative then we have to get you your proper period dear. take care .
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Question: Period late by 56days, negative pregnancy test. Last week i had light brown spotting,no periods. Brown spotting was only for one day and in very light flow. Gynaec has prescribed progesterone tablets but still period has not come. Today in the mid night,I had intercoursed with my husband and again brown liquid creamy discharge has come up.please suggest for what reason this brown discharge,did I have any miscarriage.. What is the reason of delayed period
Answer: hi most likely does would not be a miscarriage this can be delayed periods which can happen when you are trying to conceive this happens due to imbalance in the hormones but it is advisable to consult to the doctor
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