2 months old baby

Question: For how long my baby can sleep in a side at night?he is 2months old and don't want to sleep on his back. Whenever I try he awake

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Question: My baby is 7month old now and still hardly sleep 7-8hrs in a day. Mostly awake in night time and at a stretch sleeps only for 1hour max. How can i increase his sleep time?
Answer: Hello dear.. Usually some babies sleep less. As ur little one sleep 7-8 hours in day cut that to 2 -3 hrs in day.. By making him busy in any play then he Vl sleep more in nyt.. Just make a difference between day and night.. At nyt make room dull don't talk much feed him n make him sleep.. In daytime whenever he is awake play with him make him tired.. After 2-3 hrs make him sleep then awake him after 40 min then play 2 hrs then sleep for 40 min doing this way they get habituated to sleep.. At first it will be difficult but try hard.. May be it works.. It's working for me..
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Question: Hello...my baby is 40days old...he is awake all night nd completes his sleep in morning....how can i teach him the difference of morning and night?
Answer: Hi mommy. Your baby is totally new to the world. Everything is new to him. Food, sleep, dress, bath, people, every thing is new. So give him time to adjust. In a couple of months, the sleep pattern will reverse. Take care
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Question: My baby is 36 days old. He likes to sleep during breast feeding on his side in night time. Is it safe for baby sleep on his side
Answer: Drink coconut water . Even add protein to your diet. U can eat banana also
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