2 months old baby

Question: For how days we will have periods after delivery. I had c section 2 months ago and today I had my periods

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Answer: Its normal i delivered baby girl via c sec in 10 nov 2018 and got first period on 19 feb my relative also got period after two month. I worried before bcuze i heard that period didn't come during breastfeeding but no worry some resume it early
Answer: After delivery for some women's it will start as regularly... So no problem
Answer: Depends on harmoniums
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Question: How many months after will periods start for C-section
Answer: Hello dear, it depends on your body...some women get periods after few months and some after a year of delivery... anything is normal when it comes to periods after delivery....
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Question: I had my c section 2months ago...after dlvry only for five days I had my periods...and after that till now no periods...is it normal
Answer: Yes...its normal to have irregular periods aftr delivery...it might take 1 yr or more for periodsto b regular
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Question: i had c section 38 days ago after how much time should i have an intercourse .....
Answer: You should take at least minimum 6 months because your body need rest after the c-section
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