28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For few weeks I have very much iching in vagina and inner part also. It's kind of infection or anything else. I am worried about it. It's dangerous for baby?

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Answer: Vaginal itching is normal in pregnancy .. Wash with warm water when u feel itching ... And also plz consult ur gyno ...
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Question: Sometimes i have itching in my vagina....is it a infection or anything else? ..wht can i do??.
Answer: Hi dear itching in vagina is not normal and it can be an infection I would suggest you to please talk to your gynecologist and start applying a antifungal cream which can help you to reduce the itching apart from that you need to keep the area dry and cream always do not use any kind of sofa intimate wash during the itching .. Hope this helps!
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Question: At times I am having pain in the inner left region of vagina. Is it common in early pregnancy or else anything to worry?
Answer: No mam.its a normal pain comes for women's in earlier stage.dont worry.if u can please learn some asanas and do it regularly.it may reduce the pain
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Question: hi everyone I'm 25 weeks pregnant and I'm worried about swellon of inner lips of vagina.. i have lums in inner lips of vagina.. it's a concern or what???
Answer: It is due to vaginal infection .. contact your doctor immediately so that he will suggest you medicines to get relief
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