16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: For a non identical twins, heart rate 138 and 156 at 16 weeks. Is that normal??

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Answer: Hello dear congratulations on you pregnancy...yes the heart rates are normal don't worry 😊 enjoy the phase...
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    Sathish Kumar659 days ago

    Thanks 😊😘😘

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Question: Hi my pergnancy is confirmed as twins that is Dichorionic Diamniotic twins.... How to know whether is a identical or non identical twins.... ??
Answer: These twins have two different placnta and amiontic sacs. It's not identical
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Question: Identical twins have same heart rate
Answer: Hiii.. No it's not necessary. There may be variation in size, shape, weight, heart rate and many more.
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Question: Fetal heart rate 115 at 25 weeks is that normal
Answer: Hi dear,fatal heart rate can 120-160 bpm..So its normal..Don't worry.
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