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Question: Foods for 2 year old baby...

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Answer: Hi dear, 2 Year baby could eat more of the hom cooked food ,other family members in house take.so mashed rice and daal,idli,dosa,dalia,vegetable soups.you can even initiate non vegetarian food ,if you are non vegetarian.give dairy products like cheeze,paneer,curd etc.mostbof th fruits now baby can have.aviid giving sugar items.no choclates,chips etc.
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Question: Weight gaining foods for 1 year old baby
Answer: You can follow a diet chart now:-- You can give the foods mentioned here by mashing them and making appropriate consistency for baby. Ask your Padeatricin about Lenolinic drops, zincovit. These both syrups increase baby weight as they are muktivitamns. Make a chart . Morning breakfast --corn flakes/chocos/dosa/poha/upma/milk and banana or chikko shake, or papaya at 8:00 and milk at 10:00 a gap of 1 hous is good after eating fruits. Or try smoothies avocado is best yo gain weight and chikko aswell. At 12:00 maize porridge with yoghurt, mixed veg paratha, sooji halwa, any fruit that she loves litchi or mango. 1:30-2:00 give half a roti or 1 that's how much she eats. Focus more on sabji. 4:00/5:00 coconut water, tang juice, pinnacle juice/ water melon, khakra, crakers or sprouted bhel, past light fried in garlic sauce, steamed fried vegetables or medu vada, kachi keri shikanji, nimbu shikanji. 8:00 roti/rice(brown rice is full on fibre). Dal khichdi, dal dhokli, wheat porridge, idli sambhar, pav bhaji. See so this diet which I am advising you covers everything your baby needs in a day. Optional at 6:00 you can feed one more fruit such as cherry coming in the season is very healthy. Do not pressurised instead give variety. There is no sense in feeding roti you must focus on nutrients, fibres and minerals too. You must breastfeed in between as often as your baby needs you. Take care.
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Question: What are the healthy foods for 1 year old baby
Answer: Hello dear, your baby's diet should include fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products... So include fruits like muskmelon, guava, oranges, pomegranate, banana, moosambi, strawberries, and apples as it contain several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are necessary for the growth of the baby... also your baby now has teeth and it’s best to give him some work and practice chewing..However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use puree at all..Foods like chapattis can be blended with pulses so that they are easy to chew... Oats, broken wheat, dals, rice are all a good source of carbohydrates and vitamins for babies.. you can include options like moong dal chilla, plain dosa and upma for breakfast..Lunch should comprise of carbohydrates with options like curd rice, soya khichdi and milky bread stew... For dinner you could give atta sheera, nutritious porridge and aloo paranthas...These will be rich in fiber and will be filling meal for your baby..
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Question: What is the best foods for 1 year old baby?
Answer: Hi dear. you can give liquid and semi solid food to your baby for example give a moong dal moong dal khichdi vegetable soup wheat Daliya oatmeal Ragi porridge homemade Cerelac mashed banana suji kheer rice kheer pomegranate juice Apple juice and also add Desi ghee in your baby's diet
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