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Question: Food table for 1.5years girl

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Answer: Helo mommy ..Follow 3 meals and 2 snacks plan don't bind yourself in diet chart as it's hard to follow telling this as per my personal experience.. Small kids are not having fixed schedule and even you can't follow same timing. For example if bf at 10 then after 1.5 hours give snack then after 2 hours lunch then after 1.5 hours snack then after 2 hours serve dinner. Milk should be on demand and supply basis. You can serve Dalia , khichdi , juice, fruits, daal chawal, upma , roti sabzi , idli etc to 1.5 yr old child . Happy feeding
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Question: Time table for food..
Answer: Hello lovely lady, I am suggesting you the diet chart which I followed, hope this will help you as well. All the best! Stay healthy. 1. Pre-Breakfast Snack: A glass of plain cow’s milk Almond milk Milkshake Apple juice Tomato juice Dry fruits 2. Breakfast: Bowl of fruits Wheat rava upma with lots of vegetables Poha with lots of vegetables Oats porridge Whole wheat toast with butter and omelet Vegetable omelet Paranthas with fillings of spinach, dal, potatoes, carrots, beans, cottage cheese, cheese with curd Mixed bean cutlet or patties Some fruits to go along with the breakfast such as apricots, dates, sweet fig, banana, oranges Cheese toast or cheese and vegetable sandwich Vegetable handvo Rice sevai with lots of vegetables 3. Mid-Morning Snack: Tomato soup Spinach soup Creamy spinach soup Carrot and beet soup Chicken soup 4. Lunch: Roti with choice of dal, vegetable and a bowl of curd Parantha with dal and a bowl of curd Carrot and peas parantha with a bowl of curd and some butter Jeera or pea rice with raita Rice, dal and vegetable with vegetable salad Lemon rice with peas and some vegetable salad Vegetable khichdi Chicken salad with lots of fresh vegetables or vegetable soup Chicken curry with rice Grilled chicken with a bowl of curd Rice, dal, mint raita and a fruit Kofta curry with rice Cottage cheese parantha with butter and vegetable salad Curd rice Parantha with sprouted beans salad 5. Evening Snack: Cheese and corn sandwich Vegetable idli Spinach and tomato idli Sevaiya with lots of vegetables Carrot or lauki halwa Fruit smoothie with fresh fruits such as banana or strawberry Roasted peanut mixture with vegetables Cauliflower and peas samosa Bread cutlet Chicken cutlet Chicken sandwich Chicken soup A bowl of dried dates or dry fruits A cup of green tea Milk porridge with oats, sevaior daliya Vegetable daliya Mixed vegetable uttapam 6. Dinner: Rice with dal, spinach vegetable, and some green salad Roti with a bowl of dal, a vegetable of choice and a glass of buttermilk Mixed dal khichdi with a vegetable curry and a bowl of curd Vegetable pulaoor chicken rice with a bowl of yogurt Plain parantha with a glass of buttermilk
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Question: Food time table for 5 year
Answer: Hi Mum as a baby is school going now you can increase with more tiffin box snacks items which make babies to love it and have it completely without any balance in box there are so many receptors available we could choose wisely just make sure that you are babies diet should filled with all vital nutrients minerals calcium protein carbohydrate everything you can give one day with the chapati paratha Khichdi Idli uttapam rice dal rice jeera rice vegetable rice which are very good tiffin box recipes you can also try giving oats Khichdi Ragi Roti brown rice Dal vegetable cutlet every morning start the day with milk and Badam for snacks you can we give a boiled egg fruit salad boiled vegetable salad around 3:00 p.m. or evening time after babies return from school you can give cup of badam milk or if the baby come little early you can give a lunch rice with the fish and meat and also for dinner you can give rice with meat or vegetable curry Green Leaves this makes a healthy baby and also give a cup of milk before babies going to bed
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Question: Any food time table for breastfeeding mom
Answer: Hi.. Dear the breast feeding rule says you can have everything, but in moderate quantity.. You need to avoid junk, greasy, spicy and outside food completely.. For sometime, it will not cause any adverse effect on your health, but it will affect your child's bowel movements..so need to be little careful.
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