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Question: Few days me white thick Dischage.have any problems. I'm just Married (1 month))

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Answer: Hello dear congrtas Dont worry it wont be much big issue unless you take proper care. Please make sure that you take proper diet elements should keep your body cool. Drink enough water take badam milk, you can take soaked padham pisunu with milk and also can take soaked jamja seed. Dont travel much and avoid taking chicken.
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Question: Sometimes I'm having breathing problems for the last few days it normal?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.As baby grows it puts pressure making breathing difficult. Nothing to worry about it. You can sleep keeping a support under your head, so head comes in slant position making breathing easy. Minimal discomfort is common. But if you feel it's un manageable or find any other symptoms please consult doctor.Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they are very helpful. Take care
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Question: Period missing 15 days. Over white bleeding any problems
Answer: Hi dear white discharge breast tenderness fatigue body pain are some of the early sign of pregnancy. u should check ur pregnancy after 6 days of missed period with ur morning first urine as it has highest hcg to detect the correct status of ur pregnancy. If two lines come then u r pregnant. Visit doctor immediately for further check up. And advise. 
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Question: Hi mam. I'm 9 weeks now. I'm getting thick white discharge from 1 week. Is it normal
Answer: Its normal dear.. everyone exprnc this... if the dischargebis itchy and slight colour change like yellow or red.. refr doctr.. otherwise it is normal
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