36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ferum length is less than 2weeks for gestational age. Is there any problem?

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Question: Is thre any problem for gestational sac is bigger than gestational age.?
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely not an issue.a week ahead or lag is absolutely fine in pregnancy.depneding on the Hormonal levels.
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Question: Baby age is 2weeks less than my lmp date , is there any problem in that ? Please tell me this my first pregnancy im scared
Answer: hie no dear stay calm it is no problem +- 2 weeks is not a problem more than that might or might not be with 2 weeks gap there is no need to be concerned stay calm and have a healthy diet. stress isn't good for you. enjoy your pregnancy and don't bother much.
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Question: Gestational age is one week less than my pregnancy.I am 34 weeks pregnant but baby age is 33weeks.Is that matter of worry.Is there any problem with my baby.?
Answer: Hello! Gestational age difference upto two weeks is fine, more or less. But try to improve the diet so that the growth lag is made up by the next scan. The growth of the baby is more dependent on the balanced diet of the mother. Take care
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