31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling sever pain on left bottom of my baby bumb. Can't sleep for the whole night.. help me

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Answer: Due to the baby growth it's common to have discomfort during sleep time. take lots of liquids.. Take help of a soft pillow to turn while sleeping. Don't turn forcefully.. Don't walk fastly.. Sometimes if the heat in the body is more then also u will find the pain.. in that case soak dry dates in water overnight and drink that water in the morning.. Take coconut water, buttermilk more.. If the pain is unbearable it is better to consult the doctor
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    Sreelakshmi Sivanand641 days ago

    Yes it was urinary infection and im admitted in hospital for 5 days antibiotic injection

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Question: Can't sleep on the left side whole night...rather after sometime i sleep on my back...will it harm the baby...sleeping backside...
Answer: Hi dear sleeping on your back will not harm your baby but it can be troublesome for you because you are doing baby will suppress the nerves and you might feel very uneasy and uncountable also you may have back pain and during pregnancy it is better to sleep on side preferably on left side so that the blood circulation to the Placenta is well but if it is uncomfortable for you you can definitely change the position and can sleep on right for sometime .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I can't sleep whole night because of pain in full body??? Feeling dizziness... Is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear.. pain in full body is the sign of weakness. did you check with your hb level, thyroid, and sugar? if all are normal then improve diet. check what nutrition you lacking. you have to be careful about your diet otherwise u might feel fainted also. have pomegranate juice, dates, a protein shake that your doc recommended. slowly you will feel better.
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Question: I m have pain on my left side of stomach... Can't sleep the whole night.... What to do????
Answer: Hi dear Drink some light warm milk before going to bed. Take warm water bath before bed time. Talk for time after having food. Some one suggested me, you too try it. It may help you.
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