35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling lonely.... stressed out.... tension..... crying for silly things.... all the bad instance are getting into my mind.... can't able to sleep.... daily sleeping only for 4-5 hrs.... pls help.... am undergoing this from the start of my pregnancy...

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Answer: hello dear, depression and anxiety is a part of pregnancy. But don't take stress try to calm yourself. You can do yoga and deep breathing exercise, you will feel better. if you throw yourself in so much of anxiety then it can effects on your heart condition as well as it can affect development of your baby. Take care of yourself dear, everything will be alright. don't worry.
Answer: It happens.. just pray, listen to prayer songs.. ur tym now is to enjoy ur pregnancy talk to ur child.. talk to ur husband u both should sit together and talk to ur baby in u.. ur baby will respond to u by its moments.. think only positive things... do wat you like eat wat u want.. be Happy always tc
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Question: My baby is not getting enough sleep full night he is awake and morning from 7_4 or 8_4.30 that's the sleeping time for him for whole day. Past 2days he is crying at night which can't be control
Answer: Babies get cranky at night till 4/5 months because of unbearable colic pain. Which happens And the cause remains unknown. I will advise seeing paediatrician and dr will prescribe colic aid drops aftyer thoroughly checking baby vitals and stomach to note wether baby is constipated. You must also.mention you are feeding formula or breast milk. Colic aid drops should be give 6-7 drops every night time before sleeping. Or even if baby wakes up at night crying inconsolably then also you can give but chances are that it may be hard to be swallowed at that time. Baby is sleeping less you need to get one checkup now. Please take care And keep me updated.
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Question: Hello ... now I m 26 weeks pregnant ... I m not at all able to sleep for a while night... I will be jst lying on the bed but won't sleep at all.. nd can't even sleep in the day time too ... and my doc had given me retry tablet for 2 days.. even after taking tat I m not able to sleep ... pls help me out this .. I really wanna have a good sleep ...
Answer: Why you are not able to sleep,are you fit physically?do you have any pain or anything which is bothering you,if yes ,inform ur doc ,and if no then make sure you are hving a good diet ,avoid intake of coffee tea and spicy food ,do meditation,go for a walk,avoid taking stress ,and keep calm ,think positive ,stay healthy ,and yes sleep is one of tge most difficult thing all pregnant ladies are going through
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Question: Hello....my son s 2 months old....he s sleeping continuously for 4 hrs in the night even if i wake him for feeding its only for 15 mins after that he slept...am not able to feed him in the interval of 2 hrs..is it good to sleep continuously for 4 hrs like this?
Answer: It's becz of growth spurt.. It means ur baby physiological development is maturing
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