15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling heavy lower abdominal area n mild pain n discharge odourless... Is anything serious?

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Answer: hi dear white discharge during pregnancy is common .some women will have the white discharge from early pregnancy . it is due to the change in hormones . Thin white and milky white discharge with mild smell is not at all a problem where as if you found any itching with strong order it may be caused by some bacterial infection.if u found any severe cramps or bleeding do consult your doctor
Answer: Nothing to worry odourless discharge is normal. If discolored discharge like brown or red appears then consult your doctor otherwise abdominal pain is also normal as uterus increase.
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Question: White discharge at 29 weeks ..pain in lower abdominal area..
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy white discharge is normal in pregnancy drink lot of water coconut water buttermilk so that discharge will get reduced check if the discharge has any smell since you are also having abdominal pain if it is smelly then it could be infection and you need to contact doctor else nothing to worry about that take jeera water every day before you sleep pain will get reduced slowly take care
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Question: Is mild vaginal pain nd mild lower abdominal pain normal
Answer: Yahh it's common symptom in pregnancy.. baby trying to arrange space by moving your organs inside. If it's unbearable go and meet doctor immediately. While your getting pain sit-down and keep your legs closer.
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Question: Slight lower abdominal pain is it anything serious to worry
Answer: .. Nothing to worry abt it.. But ,once consult gynac..
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