9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Feeling dizziness... Whole body is paining. What remedy to do?

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Question: I can't sleep whole night because of pain in full body??? Feeling dizziness... Is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear.. pain in full body is the sign of weakness. did you check with your hb level, thyroid, and sugar? if all are normal then improve diet. check what nutrition you lacking. you have to be careful about your diet otherwise u might feel fainted also. have pomegranate juice, dates, a protein shake that your doc recommended. slowly you will feel better.
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Question: Feeling dizziness...is any remedy??
Answer: Hello! it is normal..you may experience it throughout pregnancy..i m giving u some helpful suggestions Avoid standing for long time..while standing keep your feets moving..get up slowly..eat regularly..avoid lying on back..wear loose n comfortble clothes n specially avoid hot baths Hope it will help you
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Question: why is my whole body paining and feeling weakness
Answer: body pain is normal during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. weakness is also a part of your pregnancy. many reasons are behind weakness like low bp, down sugar, skip meals and all. first drink glucose in water and take rest.
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