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Question: Feb 10 i got my period when'll b my fertility days wen can I have intercourse help me mam

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Question: Message by Gokul Kannan: Hi my wife 12 day fertility period. We have intercourse on ovulation day.. my que can we have intercourse on fertility date.
Answer: Yes... Making love on ovulation day is very essential as the egg is available for conception from 12 to 24 hrs after release.. Try to precisely predict the ovulation by using ovulation kit.
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Question: Hello on 6th Oct I had my period so wen will be my fertility days
Answer: Hello... First of all plz let us know about the cycle of your periods.. is it 28 days .. 30 days or do on.. as the mid week between 2 periods is the most fertile time to conciece.. as the egg can stay for 3 days... N in that period if a sperm is there then they can ovaluate.... N you will get possible possitive results.. Thanks n all da best
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Question: My period started on 6th Oct so when'll b my fertility days wen can I have intercourse with my hubby
Answer: 15th - 20th of October is ur fertility days if Ur cycle is 28 days
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