19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Father and mother are same blood group(O+ve).then the baby is which blood group?

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Answer: if father and mother have same blood group then the baby will have no problem ..but it is not hundred percent guarantee that your baby will also have the same O positive blood group it is completely independent of the father's and mother's blood group ..baby's blood group can be analysed and known only after your baby is born. once your baby is born they will collect your baby's blood sample and they will confirm you the blood group of your baby ..till then your baby's blood group is completely unpredictable ..
Answer: Hi dear, if both the parents are have same blood group then baby's blood gr will also be same O+ve.
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    Shobana vigneshwar565 days ago

    No sister..me n my husband are b positive but my son is ab-ve...it may vary at times

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