39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Fasting blood sugar level is 107 is it normal??

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Answer: Hi dear fasting blood sugar level if it is 107 then it is slightly elevated becz it should be between 60 to 95 gm/dl.. Hope thid helps!
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Question: Fasting blood sugar level is 110 is it normal
Answer: Hi! Fasting blood sugar range in pregnancy should be between 60 and 95 mg/dl and level from 100 to 125 is pre diabetes.. Pls consider showing your report to your Dr. and see if Dr. suggests medicine fr diabetes to control the level.. If its GDM be sure it does not pass through to your baby but yes due to high glucose levels baby's weight might increase than gestational age, baby may be too large. Check your diet and reduce carb intake. take Doc prescribed medicine and it will be controlled. Walk daily and include lots of fruits, veggies and fish in your diet. Good luck!
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Question: Hello, my fasting blood sugar level is 107 , Is it normal and I should follow diabetic diet . Please suggest me
Answer: Hi, it is more than the normal range. Hence this means that you have diabetes and should take a controlled diet. Also do consult the doctor about it.
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Question: my fasting blood sugar level is 98 .. is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear,no its little higher than normal..So contact with doctor for treatment..
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