32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Eyebrows cheskovacha pregnancy apudu

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Answer: Yeah. But it might be more painful. That's it. Chesukovachu.
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Question: Can i thread my eyebrows during pregnancy
Answer: My dr advised not to do waxing or threading... Threading is better when compared to waxing... But both are not recommended during pregnancy as it is very much strain full for the mom n may be baby too.
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Question: Vegaina sope tho whash cheskovacha?
Answer: Hello dear, yes you can wash outside of vagina with mild soap and water. Dont use strong soap. And dont try to wash inside of vagina. And always keep the area dry and clean. Hope this helps. Tc
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Question: Naku delivery iyi 70 days avthundhi eyebrows cheskovacha?
Answer: Hi dear... Yes nuvvu cheyinchukovachu... Beauty ki motherhood ki emi restrictions Levu.. stay beautiful.. happy motherhood
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