13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Extreme fever

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Answer: Hello dear. Fevers during pregnancy are never normal, so an exam is always recommended. If fever is caused by a viral illness mild medication would do. If it's caused by bacterial, an antibiotic is often needed. Please consult your gynecologist for checking on this. Take care.
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Question: Having extreme hairfall.any advice
Answer: Hello dear After delivery, the estrogen level comes back to normal, causing morehair follicles to enter the telogen/resting phase. This leads to excessive hair fall post delivery. This condition is short-term, and you may regain your normal hair growth after six to 12 months after pregnancy. Following remedies u can try to prevent hair fall: 1. Hair Mask. Try an egg white hair mask by blending one egg white and two tablespoons of olive oil 2 .Fenugreek Seed Water. Soak Fenugreek seeds in water overnight 3 Massage Your Scalp 4.Coconut Oil Overnight Mask 5 . Get the Vitamins and Hydration Needed 6 . Reduce Stress
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Question: My baby is having extreme cold n 100 fever, what should i do
Answer: hi dear! so firstly you will have to see the doctor dear. you can use dolo drops it would be temporary relief but only after consulting with your doctor dear. as your baby needs to be examined dear. so do take the baby to the doctor dear. take care dear.
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Question: Wat should i do fr extreme throat pain and slight fever
Answer: Take luke warm water with salt and do gagulls . It will decrease throat pain. Fever take wet cloth on forehead you can use medication also . Use luke warm water daily for drinking.
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