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Question: Every time we intercorse I have a delay of my periods my 10 to 15 days but every time the result comes negative. What is the reason not getting pregnant.. We are trying since two months

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Answer: Hi dear , Better to consult doctor they may give u a good solution
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Question: I have 15 months old daughter, she is not liking any kind of foods. We are trying but she is not gaining weight since last two months. May be it's common situation but completely new for me. Please guide
Answer: Hi dear its normal dear all babies have same issue they dont want 2 take food so dear lets her busy in watching tv..watching cartoons...lishning rhymes ..or any musical toys or her favourite toys ..when see he busy then feed food 2 baby.nd give her favourite food too . Try it if irs works its good otherwise ask to ur dr she ll gives medicine nd she ll hungry nd take food by his own. Try it .
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Question: Hiii age is 27years..and we are trying to conceive for a baby since last December my periods are fluctuating 9 to 10 days what's the reason??
Answer: Before having a family planning we consulted a gynecologist she asked us to have a capsule of conceva-f for me and conceva-m for my husband it is nothing but multi vitamin capsule have it either after lunch or dinner 1 capsule per day
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Question: I m trying since not getting pregnant said my n my husband's reports are all normal...than what can be the reason ??
Answer: Change ur life style, eat protein rich food, do workout, important is ovalation days, keep sex in ovalation days dear
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