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Question: Every time before peeing transparent liquid comes out of my vagina...can it be water break

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Answer: No dear, If it is water break then keep coming continue without stop any time day and night . It is just a vaginal discharge.
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    vinaya bele964 days ago

    Ok thank you so much

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Question: Every time after having sex the liquid part comes out from vagina which maked the bed wet.is it hampering in any way to concieve?what can be the solution of it?i m tryong from last 7 months
Answer: Put a pillow under yr back during sex....after completing lay down atleast 5mints in ds position..dnt get up quickly after sex nor go out fr washroom.... InshaAllah it vil help One mre thing have folic Acid tablets on daily bases u can buy it on any chemist shop easily ...itx really helpful
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Question: But liquid comes out of vagina due to reverse flow
Answer: Hi dear, usually the most sperm goes inside when the time of ejaculation but  if all the sperm comes out then while having sex make sure to keep a pillow under your hipsand raise the hips area abit and after sex stay in that position for atleast 10-15 minutes. This willprevent leakage..
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Question: Am 28 week pregnant with twins.Am using susten Vt 200 tablet... but it automatically comes out of vagina..Can susten Vt prevents early water break
Answer: You can also use crinone gel instead of susten tablet
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