10 months old baby

Question: Enaku over weight ah iruku breastfeeding pandren.na exercise pannalama.exercise panna milk koraiyuma

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Answer: No kurayulla continue exercise
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Question: Hi,enaku blood level low ah iruku,increase panna Enna Enna fruit sapadanu
Answer: Hi! 12-16 gm/dl is the normal level of HB during pregnancy, take in iron rich foods like dates, fig etc Jaggery is an excellent source of iron. Liver , in case you have non- veg Eat curry of 250 grams of leaves of drumstick tree.My friend was 9 during 2nd week of 9th month. she only added this in her diet. Doctor was astonished to see the result in two weeks gap. It went to 11. Include ragi, dates n pomegranates. also eat vitamin c rich foods. Vitamin C foods helps in better absorption of iron. Hope this helps!
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Question: Enaku Pitham over ah iruku Pithavaanthi varathunala ethumey Saapda mudiyala saaptona vomit panniruven nenjakarikuramaariey iruku eppothum ithuku ethachum homeremedy iruntha sollunga ???
Answer: Neraiya thanni kudinga. Neer more kudinga. Inji tea apoapo kudinga. Coffee kudikadhinga. Vomit vandhalu sapdunga sapdama mattu irukadhinga
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Question: Hi mam... enaku pcod problem.iruku. Periods timing la heavy back pain a iruku.. atha reduce panrathuku ethathu exercise iruka.. apdi panna.. preganant aagurathula ethum prblm.varuma?? Anybody tell me.please
Answer: Do not worry if you are taking your PCOD medications as well as the important multivitamins and ovulation drugs these all help to balance your hormones and achieve a pregnancy once the follicle study is done and you achieve a perfect egg size. Usually 4 to 6 scans are taken during your cycle in order to understand your ovulation and achieve the optimal egg size for fertilization. Do not worry Wait and start treatment with your gynae. Have intercourse in your ovulation cycle.
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