6 months old baby

Question: En babu ku five months achu water kodukalama and my baby formula milk edukuthu per day evalau water kodukalam

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Answer: Vanakam... Unga baby ku five months, formula ilana breastmilk eh podhum, pappaku solids start panathuku aprom water kudukalam, ilana nenga five months anathala half glass water once or twice kudukalam
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Question: Mam, baby ku 5 month mudinchi mother milk enaku sariya surakurathu illa, baby pasila alukura yenna food kodukalam. Ceralac, fruits biscuits yethavathu kodukalama... Plz sollunga...
Answer: Hi No, solid foods are recommended for baby under 6 months as they cant digest...even if you feel your sectetion is low just keeo feeding and only if baby keeps latches your secretion ll improve also you can take dalia, garlic,jaggery,more dairy products,iron rich diets like green and veggies,dry fruits and nuts,jeera and methi water for good lactation....these diets are the major source to improve your secretion of milk which helps for babies healthy growth and weight gain
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Question: how much formula milk for my five month old baby per hour
Answer: Newborns need to feed many times a day. Feed your one-month-old infant at least six times a day. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can increase the feed up to 12 times a day. Don’t try to control feeding times as your baby has an unpredictable sleeping and feeding schedule. In my case from around two weeks to two months, my baby used to consume somewhere between 75ml and 105ml at each feed (450ml to 735ml in one day). Soon i realised she needs more, as she would finish her feed quickly and then look around for second helpings. So between two months and six months, she started drinking sonewhere between 105ml and 210ml at a feed.
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Question: nan pro formula milk 4 mths baby ku how many spoon formula milk taken and how much of water added
Answer: Hi there it's mentioned on the carton bout the quantity it's 30 ml I guess.
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