9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Earlier I used to feel some cramps in lower abdomen but now I don't feel any thing, also my breasts are sagging, and I getting worried about my baby, could anything serious.

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Answer: Hello! It is not a problem dear. Absolutely normal, you might again feel mild cramps later again. Also sagging of breast is common in pregnancy. Make sure that you wear proper supportive bra to get proper support. Take care
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    Bhagyashree Singh963 days ago

    But prorior my my breasts were heavy, n all of sudden nothing heavy in them

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Question: My breasts are sagging and also I feel pain y it like so
Answer: Hello dear, Your breasts during pregnancy may feel sore, sensitive, or tender to the touch. They may also feel fuller and heavier due to start milk production for baby. This is normal and happens, so don't worry.
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Question: I don't feel like vomiting but I feel cramps in my lower abdomen after I eat my meal
Answer: Hi it's normal not to have nausea and vomiting during the pregnancy. And lower abdomen pain is common during pregnancy as the baby grows the size of uterus increases and also the other organs gets stretched to prepare a perfect place for your baby to stay in.. So the muscles get stretched and thus the pain occurs. It's normal no need to worry about it. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help. Take care
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Question: I m getting pain in righy lower abdomen..n also hvng fevr is anything serious
Answer: Hi Abdominal cramps is normal in pregnancy as uterus getting expanded and also more blood flow to uterus...drink plenty of water to relieve from pain...but if pain severe or more frequent do approach doctor For fever paracetomol is safe to take in pregnancy..do record temparature if it shoots please do consult doctir
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